Latest Tips to Find Value Bets

Value bets are one of the most essential elements in the sports betting world. The value refers to the odds that result in favorable opportunities for bettors.

To determine if a bet has value, you must first estimate each possible outcome’s occurring probability. This task must be performed with great precision by conducting proper research.

We know that the only way to win when sports betting is by placing value bets. But, how can we find value in bets?

Finding value bets

Here are some valuable tips you may have in mind when betting.

  • To register in several bookies: having your bankroll spread over several accounts can be uncomfortable. However, in the long run, this will give you opportunities. In this way, you will choose between different odds, and you will see more offers or promotions from the bookies. Sometimes, some bookies offer higher odds than the average of the other bookies. Most are not usually wrong, so we can find value by betting on the bookie offering the highest odds.
  • Exploit competition between bookies: There are sportsbooks whose objective is to be the market leader. Others seek to maintain their position, and some wish to gain a place in the market. In this sense, a bookie starting in the business will want to offer better odds, better bonuses, and better treatment to users. Competition between bookmakers will help you discover value
  • Online bookies are better than physical ones: Physical bookmakers bear much higher costs than those of the online market. Consequently, the odds are usually much higher in the online market than in the physical one.
  • Use an odds comparator: it is essential to get used to using odds comparators. You are in a race where you will see the gains in the long term. So, the minor differences grow as they add up over time. In other words, it may seem unimportant to win a few dollars on a single bet. But, in the long run, hundreds of bets will add up to hundreds of dollars.
  • Falling Odds: Since the bookies publish the odds until the event begins, different circumstances can happen, making the odds change. The point is that not all bookies are equally quick to change their odds. Therefore, if we follow the lines’ movement, we will always be in time to bet on the bookies that have not yet lowered their odds.
  • Knowledge and specialization: Bookmakers calculate odds for thousands of events in all kinds of sports and markets. They surely do not do that so well in minority competitions as they do in significant events. Thus, it is vital to specialize in not very popular sports, leagues, or markets. Likewise, good statistical tracking is important to find value in bets. Any sport has its corresponding statistics that will be very useful to you.

Locating value bets is not an easy job, requiring a high dose of patience, concentration, and study. Sometimes, specializing in a sport can help you stay on top of the details surrounding an event. In this way, the bettor may get some element that allows him to find a value bet, even before bookies publish the odds.


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